Sarah Castle

Instructor of Management and Entrepreneurship, School of Business, College of Charleston

Sarah Castle is a purposeful leader who elevates people and transforms organizations. She’s an ex-Amazon executive turned leadership coach and college professor. In her 15 years at Amazon, Sarah held leadership roles in Amazon’s books division, on Amazon Alexa voice technology, in mergers & acquisitions, and human resources – often working on new products and one of only a few women working on technical teams. Prior to Amazon, she worked for General Electric and graduated from one of its accelerated leadership programs. Sarah has a master’s degree from Cornell University and a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University. Today, Sarah owns a coaching and consulting business where she helps people and organizations get clear on what they want and go after it. She teaches entrepreneurship and management at the College of Charleston, is a published author, non-profit board member, mother, athlete, mentor, and an all-around go-getter.